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How to get the most out of your newborn session

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Knowing what to expect and preparing for a newborn session can be so stressful, here are some pointers so you can feel comfortable, prepared and most importantly relaxed during your session!

I take care of all outfits, headbands, props, wraps, etc. You don't need to bring any of those. The session will last 2-3 hours. That means we may take breaks for feeding, and we will follow babies lead. I will take care of the baby during the session.

Things to bring

Extra diapers, as we will be having baby naked most of the time. That means that sometimes, we need to grab a diaper to catch any accidents. And don't worry, all babies have accidents, it is EXPECTED.

A pacifier, even if you are not planning on using one, having one for a couple of hours won't cause nipple confusion, and it really helps things go smoother.

Extra formula, if formula feeding. If not, be prepared to breastfeed on demand.

Prepping baby

Babies that are awake are generally non-posable, to be able to get the beautiful posed images you see in my portfolio, baby needs to be asleep, this is why I encourage you to keep baby awake 1-2 hours before the session. One way to keep them up is after a feeding, give them a bath and take your time, not only will your baby be super clean, they will get tired for their session. This is a good time to give baby a full feed. A full feeding will make sure that baby is tired and sleepy!

Then if possible, put him or her in the car seat with only a diaper or an outfit that is easy to take off.

Once you are here, we will undress baby to diaper and if asleep, we'll start right away. If baby is awake we will wait until they fall asleep. (For as long as it takes!)

Mom and Dad

For mom, dad and siblings I recommend wearing a neutral color top. A solid color is best, avoid patterns, bright colors and logos.

The studio will be very warm, so dress in layers.

If baby is really awake, I will let him or her be awake, this might take 15 minutes, or it might take an hour. I am perfectly fine with this, as it means once baby is asleep he or she will most likely stay asleep.

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