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What should I wear for my family session?

As Spring family picture season is starting in Las Vegas, I think the main frustration and overwhelm inducing question from moms is this: What should I wear to my family session?! Where do I even start?

First of all, let me say this: You are not alone! Most women feel responsible for this part of their family session and the pressure to look good can be overwhelming. I offer an in-home consultation which includes me helping you look through your closet and finding outfits that go well together.

Here is where we start. Mom. You (the mom) have spent all your time researching photographers, finding one whose style you like, someone who listens to your concerns, and someone who you can connect with, etc. You deserve to look and feel amazing. With that in mind, we go in your closet and pick a few outfits that you feel comfortable in, we try them on and depending on the look you are going for, we choose *thee* outfit.

The look or mood you want can be sexy, beautiful, modest, colorful or neutral colors, soft pastels, quirky, fun, elegant, etc. It also depends on the location, downtown Las Vegas would be more colorful, than somewhere in the desert, for example. Also, in home-sessions have a different vibe. This is your family's time to shine, your story, your personalities. This is not what I want you to wear, but what you want your photos to convey. I will give you some input, just to make sure everything looks good together, but it will be based on your personality and style.

After we have picked your outfit, we can pull from the colors and the textures in the clothes we chose for the kids' and the husband's or partner's outfits. Based on what you are wearing, we will choose matching colors, patterns and textures. When it comes to patterns, less is more. Anything with texture however, is highly recommended.

Generally speaking, we don't want everyone to wear the exact same color. I remember taking pictures with my family in 2009, we were all wearing jeans and a white shirt. I know mine didn't fit very well, but I had bought it last minute to match everyone. I much would have preferred to wear something that was comfortable and fit me well. Same goes for your family. Try your best to choose comfortable items of clothing for your kids, as this will also show in their pictures. We want happy kids, that can move around and have fun!

Another part of working with me, is that you will probably want to buy wall art. With this in mind, we can plan outfits based on your home décor, and we can make sure the photos will look beautiful in the room you will have them hanging on.

I hope this will help alleviate the stress of planning outfits! Let me know if you have any questions or if there's something I missed!

I am located in Henderson, NV which is right next to Las Vegas, I love to photograph newborns, families and everything in between. (Which would be maternity and baby milestones!).

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