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Why it's better to look at photos at a professional website vs fb or Instagram.

Photographers know that you need to resize your images for web, sharpen them and keep them in a specific color profile in order to upload them to social media sites. However, sometimes our tried and true methods still don't work. That's when you see duller colors, images that are a bit blurry or even pixelated. So thanks for coming to my blog, here are some gorgeous family images that Instagram butchered recently, in all their full size glory.

This day was so cold in Las Vegas, but these kids were troopers! We did this family session as fast and as effectively as we could. To be honest, this family is so easy going, they made my job of photographing them quite easy!

After they sat down in this spot, they were like oh we're sitting on a snake hole! haha We have never seen a snake on this mountain in Henderson, but probably not a good idea to sit on a snake hole anyway! We got this picture done in two minutes, top. And we got so many good ones here too!

I like to add variety to family portraits, I generally am very traditional, look at the camera and smile type of photographer, but after those are done, I like to change it up! This is when kids have the most fun, and I want them to know family photos are fun, and to make real memories!

Run and hug your parents! It's one of the phrases that gets a lot of sincere smiles, from both the kids AND the parents! I love the desert backdrop for this family picture. It is found here in Henderson! <3

Here's another bunch of images we took that day! These are my favorite from the session, but they got more than this! After the session, I think the best way to enjoy all of your photos is to print them in a beautiful album. I can help you with that!

Here's another full family portrait that I love. I love giving this many options!

And I always make sure to include the parents by themselves. They do a great job with their kids, and deserve the best!

I love this little guy's real expressions! He was absolutely adorable!

Thanks for stopping by. If you're in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV area, hit me up for family pictures! They are my absolute favorite to photograph.

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