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5 gift ideas for Dad

I feel like giving presents to your girl-friends, mom or sister is always easier than thinking about your husband or your dad. They never "want" anything, and everything I come up sounds like something they don't really need! This year I decided to give them something that is meaningful. Will they need it? Probably not, but will they love it? I think so!

Here's five ideas I think your dad or husband would love:

1. Personalized apron with photos of him with his kids. This one is from

Now get him to grill some steaks for you!

2. This cute note block with photos from

It would look lovely in his office.

3. A scratch off movie poster. My husband and I just got one of these and we have been enjoying watching really good movies!

4. This cool little statuette. Can you imagine your little one in your husband's office!? It would look so cute! This is from

5. Oh my gosh, I couldn't stop laughing at these socks! Get them on etsy by looking for custom photo socks.

Well, I guess almost all are photo related. What did you expect from a photographer!? I hope you all have a fantastic Father's day and get to thank them for the work they do.

Abish Tatum | Las Vegas newborn photographer | Las Vegas newborn photographer

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