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What is the best time of year to do family photos?

Most photographers in the country would definitely say summer and fall. Here in Las Vegas (and Henderson), as you know, is insanely hot for summer and the beginning of "fall".

For Las Vegas, I suggest spring time, April and May are usually the perfect temperature, although sometimes windy. I usually keep track of the wind and won't do a session with wind speeds above 10-15 mph , 15 mph might be pushing it.

October and November are usually perfect, the weather is nice and nobody is getting super sweaty and uncomfortable. The best part though is this, there are no bugs! Some of my favorite locations to shoot get so many bugs when it starts getting warm. It is nice to not have to deal with them in colder months.

My photography style is warm and sunny, so I prefer to shoot family sessions in sunny days. I don't book clients every day of the week, so if there is a need for rescheduling, I will easily and gladly accommodate for my clients.

Anyway, those would be the "perfect" months, but I have shot in the off months too and we always make it work! I shot an extended family session in August and although it was hot, pushing it to an hour before sunset made it bearable. I always consider individual circumstances, like this family who was only gonna have all family members together that week.

Above all, don't wait till the last week before Christmas to schedule your family photos! haha (but for reals)

Here is a photo of a recent session, taken in May. It was a cloudy day but we made it work!

Here's a photo of a fall session, taken in early December:

The trees in this area had just started turning colors and were beautiful!

Let me know in the comments what our favorite times to have a photography session are!

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